Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview with author Lynette Willows

Due to be released February 21, 2013, courtesy Tirgearr Publishing
See excerpts and details at Lynette Willows, author

I invite everyone to see Lynette's first book in the Sons of Liberty series, "No Gentleman Is He". Today, you will see the interview she posted, and the interesting insights into the making of this novel. 
A few days ago, she also posted an excerpt of a chapter, and an outline of the story. I hope you enjoy the experience, and get to know this new author.

Also, keep an eye out for the link to Lynette's co-author, Carley Bauer at the end of the interview and read her own interview on this Blog Hop. She will be posting it later this evening or tomorrow. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Introducing "No Gentleman Is He"

"No Gentleman Is He" by Carley Bauer & Lynette Willows
Book #1 of Sons of Liberty Series
Release date: February 21, 2013

Young, adventurous and widowed in a new land, Cassandra Courtney Brooks and her deceased husband dreamt of raising a superior breed of saddle horse. Now she found herself left with four horses, living in a tavern attic and her scant savings depleted when her husband perished. With a resolve to see her vision to fruition, the young widow accepts the scandalous position of steward at Varina Farms rather than return to the aristocracy she left behind in England.  Cassandra is soon forced to question the wisdom of her decision when she finds herself enamored with the lusty and dangerous owner.

Born in the image of his dark skinned great-grandmother, Pocahontas, it was rumored Colton Rolfe carried the savagery of his Indian ancestor. Scorned by his father, Colt grew into a man of ill temperament who's only true love was the wild equine beasts on his plantation. His desire to breed his horses with the superior Saddlebreds of the newly widowed Cassandra Brooks left him defying all societal rules when he offered her a position at Varina Farms.

Cassandra needed a place to house her horses and earn income. Colton wanted a steward for his tobacco plantation and breeding rights to her horses. Both fought the attraction growing between them. Their story unfolds with Colt's growing resentment toward the crown's proposed taxes and his assistance to Sons of Liberty missions, complicated by the discovery that Cassandra's father is a titled Englishman. How can he trust the daughter of an English aristocrat?

A fiery passion grows between them through gunfire, treachery, and danger culminating in a kidnapping. Cassandra begins to realize her own spirit of independence and love of the land, and the savage man who is so much a part of it. But will he ever trust her enough to love her as she longed to be loved?

Lynette Willows page:  https://authorlynettewillows.wordpress.com/