Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Agoraphobia


This is the picture the story is based on...100 words, more or less. Click on picture to go to original source, and more great flash fiction.

“Vast, horrible emptiness.” She sat on the bench, her eyes glued to the sky beyond the bare branches.

“I had thought if we brought her outside, to get through to her…” the doctor mused.

The taller doctor shook his head, looking up. “We see blue, friendly sky, and beyond that, a busy space. Most people can perceive the vastness, the infinity of a busy universe She sees a frightening void with hidden horrors.”

He glanced down when she sobbed, hiding her face in her shaking hands.

“If only we could show her what’s out there.”

“Only when ordinary humans can make the trips to space will we see success in treatment.”

“She’s terrified.”

The tall doctor turned to him. “Aren’t we all?” he answered.