Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, All Year

New Year, All Year

As Old Year draw closed, gifts displayed and art's posed,
T'is time for dear life's heart's reflection;
Let no quest go unwrought, Be as friend and let not
Your soul strive unfaithful defection.

Some friends be unconstant, but be thee undaunted.
Be true and full of heart.
Give though unrewarded, Thy resolution be awarded
By light's true work of art.

So as others tow their souls, bereft of charity's bowl,
and wander aimlessly through the night;
With each act of aid, and warm action laid,
Thy floating soul be their guiding light.

S.L. Bartlett
copyright 2010


Diane Carlisle said...

Awesome poem. I like the cadence and its highly inspirational. My voluntary service to the Toys for Tots program this year and every year makes my holiday what it is, special in every way!

Kelly Hashway said...

Happy New Year!