Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fictioneers: Annie's Distain

Come up with a story, 100 words, more or less, based on the above picture

Annie’s Distain

I gazed at the pitiful thing for a few seconds. “Brroew.” What is this horror that disturbs my sensibilities?

The female human, my servant, gazed at the tree, admiring it. “Pretty tree, Annie?”

I looked up at her with my ears perked, my green eyes glaring. “Brrr.” A dog would pass on that branch as a toilet. “Rmeoowww.” It is not even fit for climbing.

The human female looked down, concerned about my emphatic complaints. “Are you hungry, kitty?”

I stalked off in distain. This was not a tree. Trees were for hiding in the branches, waiting for imaginary squirrels resembling shiny decorations to shimmy and quiver as I stalked them. This was a disgrace!

“Meeeoowwwwrrrrrrr.”Congratulations! You have completely destroyed Christmas.


Russell said...

I'm not a cat person, but I loved your story. You captured the "cat attitude" purrfectly.

Linda Palund said...

Absolutely perfect! A different point of view to fit in alongside our robot, children and the trees themselves!
This is a great start. I think you did a fine job of allowing us the view point of those same kitty cats that are normally the terror of our Christmas trees in homes that have a pet cat.

S.L. Bartlett said...

Thanks Linda. I actually got my inspiration from "Simon's Cat" on the internet. If you haven't seen these imaginative cartoons that have quickly gotten a following, you have to check them out on YouTube. They are hilarious. I wanted to take the cartoon theme and take the POV of the cat.
Nice of you to visit.

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

I love how you caught the typical cat response. My cat is patiently waiting for me to set up my tree so he can clobber the ornaments. I don't put the plastic ones near the bottom just for the kids. ;) Fun story, SL. :)

Robin Hawke said...

I never realized my cat was passing approval on my tree, when he curls under it. Nice perspective! Robin

Madison Woods said...

It was this line that clued me in that it was a cat's POV: "What is this horror that disturbs my sensibilities?"

Very cute story. Glad you decided to join us!

S.L. Bartlett said...

Hello, Siobhan! Yes, I always had ornaments to pick up in the morning, every morning. And needles shredded and on the floor. Amazing...

Oh yes, Robin. It could either be a sign of approval, or they lull you into a false sense of security, until you go to bed, THEN they shred the tree to show their approval or's all the same response. LOL

Madison, I find most cats have a
Shakespearean sense of sarcasm. I needed to add that. *snicker*