Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's in a Name?

I have gotten a few inquiries about the name of my blog, “Romancing the Thrill Quill”.

I put some thought into it before starting it. A name, in my opinion, should reflect the aura of what you will be writing about, or what your genre is in your novels. In my case it is the simple thrill of writing after putting it off for years to raise my family. Now they are grown, I can indulge in the secret passion I have always had for the craft; the romantic meeting of pen and mind, if you will.

However, there is more to it. I have been a freelance writer for almost ten years, and now that I’m writing my break out novels, I wanted to focus on two genres that interest me; romance and thrillers.

First of all, the romance book, working title of “No Gentleman is He” is co-authored by me under the pen name of Lynette Willows, and Carley Bauer, a gifted and passionate writer of romance, after years of interactive writing with her. This book will be our premiere romance novel set in the American Revolutionary War of 1775-76, with two more book outlines already planned out in the series.

Back cover description so far (badly in need of editing): “Colton Rolfe is great grandson of John Rolfe who settled Virginia with the first tobacco plantation after marrying Pocahontas.  Born appearing dark and Indian, rejection by a racist father and scorn by other plantation owners has made Colt a bitter, temperamental man rumored to have his ancestor’s savage blood. When he meets the beautiful Cassandra Courtney Brooks, a recent widow, during the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in 1775, he hires the woman as plantation steward against all societal rules. Little does Colton know that Cassandra is the runaway daughter of an aristocratic and titled English merchant, the very class of noblemen responsible for the high taxation and Colonialist hostility. From the first, these two stubborn people butt heads, but in a very short time, conflict turns to passion, each denying their love for each other. Living in the same household, it eventually has to come to a head, especially when Colton is accused of murdering an innocent young girl. Cassandra is forced to wonder, is the dark and dangerous Colton Rolfe capable of such a horrible crime as most of the people believe he is?”

My political thriller is my lone authorship project, and one that has haunted me for years. The working title is “Red’s Hunt”, and the front cover blip goes something like this: “A minor story assignment by her editor to ambitious journalist Rowenna (Red) Stewart turns into a crisis of international importance, drawing a suicidal RCMP officer into the web. Could a Manifest Destiny conspiracy, engineered by a rogue faction in the White House, finally turn Canada into a territory of the United States of America?”

I have to admit, it’s taken a long time to write the political thriller. It doesn’t help that this genre is almost exclusively the arena for male writers, few females having delved into these masculine waters, let alone a Canadian woman! I’ve had to do plenty of research, and that takes time. Through this research, I’ve learned that the Americans had tried to annex Canada into the USA on several occasions in our history including during the Civil War and our Confederation. In fact, Canada has a far more exciting history than even the United States, but few know of it. Did you know we had at least two civil wars of our own? I wanted to use these exciting aspects to set up a series of modern political conspiracy novels starring Red Stewart, with "Red's Hunt" being the first.

I hope this answers the question of why I named my blog “Romancing the Thrill Quill”. Wish me luck!


Bella said...

I think "Romancing the Thrill Quill" is a fitting name for this blog of yours! My goodness, a romantic novel and a political thriller in the works? Color me impressed but also tell me that you don't always have to wait to raise your kids before you start writing. I currently have a son at home who just this morning told me, "Mom, I love that every time I reach for a clean shirt, it's ready and waiting for me in the closet. I think I'll live here forever." Please tell me he was kidding. Please. :)

S.L. Bartlett said...

Unfortunately, unless you pack your son's belongings lovingly and carefully into garbage bags and place them tenderly on the back porch, he's not kidding. I had to do it for all three of my sons, since free, homecooked meals and laundry maid service was too good to give up. LOL

And definitely no, don't wait for them to move out. In fact, they may even decide to move out on their own when they ask you something and you're too focused on typing the next great novel to even answer them! I did freelance writing for 10 years while my boys were still home (with the exception of the oldest one) and started my novels while my youngest was still home. Needless to say, they were old enough to cope with neglect, and they were even forced to learn to cook or starve. hehehehehe

Thanks for the visit...hope you enjoyed the coffee. I tend to make it strong....

Carley Bauer said...

Oh, I 'got it' right away. The name of the blog, that is. Then again, if I didn't? I should be shot and dismissed as co-author of No Gentleman. Not necessarily in that order:)
I usually go back to the old, "It took Margaret Mitchell ten years to write GWTW to pump me over the amount of time it's taken to put a book together. Red's Hunt has always been the thorn in your side, the story you could not put aside...for long. Because I know you appreciate sarcasm, I'll throw this tidbit in: If the US ever takes over Canada? Do not expect Health Care lol.

S.L. Bartlett said...

HAHAHAHA Carley, I've been following that debate over the Universal Health Care Bill in the Senate (or is it Congress? Your political set up is almost as confusing as ours) with great interest for exactly this reason of the thriller book! And your sense of humour and sarcasm is well developed, my dear, and one I can appreciate. Yes, for some reason, I just can't let Red's Hunt haunts my damn dreams. Only way to purge it is to write it.