Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Not a Fan! Understand?

The other day, a friend gave me a book to read. Now I must precede this review with the prologue that I am not a fan of paranormal romance. Even though the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series were two of the highest grossing books and movies in history, I was never a fan. I was more fascinated by the author’s beginnings and their journey to publication than I was in their work.

Dani Harper is the author of the Changeling series, and the book I received was the first, “Changeling Moon” by Kensington Publishing.

OK, I’ll skim it when I have time and try to be polite, was my initial idea.

There is no need. I picked it up a few days after receiving it, and was barely able to put it down. I’m working on my own book, and I actually resented having to put Ms. Harper's novel aside for a few hours to work on my own. In light of this, this review will be from the viewpoint of a writer, as well as a voracious reader.

The dialogue is smooth, natural and easy to follow between all the characters. I felt like I was in the room, overhearing everything going on, a proverbial “fly on the wall”, if you wish. I have fallen hopelessly in love with Connor MacLeod and lust after him like a common strumpet. I’ve always been a fan of men who have a hint of the savage about them. Zoey Tyler is a woman that I have secretly aspired to be and someone you would want as a best friend. I should be jealous of her, but I just can’t be; she is far too likeable and sympathetic a character, not to mention gutsy. The plot is smooth and exciting, a true adventure to satisfy adrenaline junkies like me. I can’t say there’s a boring spot in the story; you know the spot where you skim through? And that’s rare in any story. The fact is, I didn’t skim a single paragraph. I would write more about the plot, but then I’d have to post a spoiler on this review, and why ruin it for anyone who has not yet read it?

I still won’t say I’m a convert, but I will admit (rather reluctantly) that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the second book in the series, “Changeling Dreams”. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ms. Harper, of whom I’m a new fan, gets offered a movie deal very soon.

 So, where can I get the next book? But I’m not a fan of paranormal romances, understand?

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